Check List and Camp Policies

Thank you for registering in our camp!!!! Please review the following information.




A non-refundable deposit of $210.00 (includes GST) is required to register. You must pay the non-refundable deposit fee with registration unless you choose to pay the full camp fee at this time. The remainder of fees must be paid on or before May 1st. Refunds will not be issued in instances where the camper is removed from the camp program at the choice or request of the camper or camper's parent(s)/guardian(s) or is dismissed from the camp for contravention of camp guidelines or the camp code of conduct for behaviour. In the event of a medical reason for cancelling the non-refundable deposit will be kept. Written notice of the cancellation as well as a Medical Certificate is required. Cancellations received prior to May 1st are entitled to a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit. No refunds will be issued for non-medical cancellations after May 1st.


All students must wear equestrian helmets while working with the horses/ponies, whether on the ground, on horseback, or in the barn. Equestrian helmets are provided free of charge. If you have your own equestrian helmet, you are welcome to bring it. Please label all items.

Respect For Self And Others

The conduct of Students and Staff is important for a fun and safe experience for all. Everyone is expected to contribute to an atmosphere of friendship, kindness, patience and respect at all times shown to staff, other campers, and the horses. Those who become disruptive or seriously diminish the camp experience of another will be sent home. Expulsion can be for reasons of violence, theft, for intentionally damaging property, refusing to obey Staff, the use of foul language or anything deemed inappropriate by Griffin Valley Ranch Staff.

Please make sure you have addressed the following items before the first day of camp:

    (document must be presented to bus leader on the first morning of camp)
  2. Print off and fill out completely our ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT DOCUMENT
    (document must be presented to bus leader on the first morning of camp)
  3. Be sure to check in with the bus leader at your pick-up location on the first day of camp to present required above documents.
  4. Are all your camp fees paid?
  5. ***ALL CHILDREN MUST BRING A LUNCH FROM HOME. PREPACKAGED SNACKS AND BEVERAGES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE (CANDY, CHIPS, POP, WATER)***  We follow the "Pack it in, pack it out" philosophy; your child will bring home wrappers/containers from their lunch so that they can be recycled at home.  
  6. Does your child have suitable clothing and footwear?
    (click here for recommended camp items)
  7. If your child will be carrying medications, do they have a signed letter of permission from parent/guardian?
  • 5-7 Year Old Camp: Just a reminder that we will have a “meet your favorite pony” day on Thursday at 2:30pm of the week that your child is registered for camp. We invite parents to come out and participate and bring carrots and apples for the ponies.
  • 8-16 Year Old Camp: Friday is a highlight as parents and guests are invited to the ranch to watch their children perform on horseback. The Grand Parade and Gymkhana start at 1 pm and finish with an awards ceremony. All formal activities are wrapped up by 3 pm with a family ride to follow.  Sign up for the family ride is online on the Tuesday of camp at 10:00am.  For more information please visit the family ride page.