Access to Agricultural Public Land

Recreational Access to Agricultural Public Land

We are pleased to allow access to lease lands for recreational purposes throughout various times of the year.
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These lands include:

  • S. 1/2 SEC. 5, TWP. 28, RGE. 5, W5M
  • N. 1/2 SEC. 32, TWP. 27, RGE. 5, W5M

Please note all vehicles must park on north side of cattle guard in the cul-de-sac

Absolutely no vehicles allowed past double swinging gates.

Under the regulations, the leaseholder may deny access, or apply conditions to access, when:

  • Access would be anything other than foot access, including bicycles, horse or other animal, or motor vehicles
  • The proposed use would occur in a fenced pasture where livestock are present or on cultivated land on which a crop is growing or has not been harvested.
  • Access to all or part of the agricultural disposition land has been prohibited due to a fire ban as determined by either the Provincial or municipal authority
  • The proposed use would involve hunting at a location that is unreasonably close to a fenced pasture in which livestock of the agricultural disposition holder are present
  • The proposed use is camping
  • The proposed use would be contrary to a recreational management plan

Type of Access

Access via foot is allowed 365 days a year. Please note dogs must be kept on leashes.

Horseback riding: (Please do not come into contact with GVR horses)
January to October-access only
November no horseback riding

***NO HUNTING*** during the months of October and November as we are grazing horses in the above pastures

Recreational users are required to give the leaseholder the following information:

  • Type of recreational activity proposed
  • Time and location the activity will occur on the land
  • Number of people in the group
  • Name of the recreational contact person and method of contact
  • Other related information that is requested, such as the names of all recreational users and license plate numbers of vehicles used to transport people to the land

If you wish to access agricultural public land please email

Although leaseholders must allow reasonable access to the land for recreation, there are some circumstances where the leaseholder may deny or apply conditions to access.

For further information please visit